Okay. So now that TCS is back, there is a burning question. A question that has been personally burning all of us for months.

What exactly can we do to stop THE CANCER SHOW?

And by THE CANCER SHOW, we mean the endless cycle of lack of regulation of cancer causing agents; the hugely profitable cancer “innovation” that produces drugs that only prolong life but do nothing to solve the initial problem of having cancer; the permanent PR blast and fundraising cycles of multi-billion dollar non-profits who would have absolutely nothing to do if cancer disappeared tomorrow; and finally the millions who are diagnosed and die every year.

There’s so much to be done. So little clean road or direct path.

Of course the short answer as to what do we do about all this is EVERYTHING.

Protest the lack of meaningful adjustment to the Toxic Substances Control Act that has allowed thousands of chemicals to continue to be used in everyday products without any kind of testing.

Protest the pollution of our food supply by untested chemicals and GMO’s.




Protest the continued destruction of our environment by big corporations.


Oh, and while you’re at it, protest the corporations who pollute the environment on one hand and then fund cancer research on the other.




And then you could protest the corporations who fund cancer non-profits and make chemo drugs.








Do you see a pattern emerging here?

It’s not a pattern that’s easy to get behind. Because – frankly – it demands a lot of one-on-one engagement. There’s no one-stop-shop that gets THE CANCER SHOW off the air.

What do you think?