burning question

                  Okay. So now that TCS is back, there is a burning question. A question that has been personally burning all of us for months. What exactly can we do to stop THE CANCER SHOW? And by THE CANCER SHOW, we mean the ...Read More


So this is my Sister-In-Law Jill. I met her in 2006, about a year after I started dating my now husband. I had been told that she was feisty, an amazing swimmer and killer snowboarder, vegetarian, and that she didn’t always ...Read More


                  As many of you know if you are following me on Facebook, I'm in the hospital right now with an acute ulcerative colitis attack. It's the first one I have ever had of this magnitude. It totally surprised me and ...Read More


        Oh F-ing hell. Thank you Los Angeles Times for the misleading headline (Study links risk of breast cancer to routine choices ) which then settles into the truth which is that this is a study that tells us all that ...Read More


              We at TCS have really been interested in the “brand” of cancer. Not just the obviously engineered Pink Ribbon Breastocolypse, but also the power contained in the word cancer – power that needs to be wielded very carefully. This article from ...Read More


  I thought I was going to be wrapping up Breast Cancer Awareness Month today, but I have to admit that UNEASY PINK probably said it better than I possibly could. Instead, it's time to move onto bigger issues. Yesterday on The Daily ...Read More


    For anyone who has been paying attention, we at THE CANCER SHOW have been doing our best to counter the pink ribbon mania of Pinktober with a dose of reality. It’s had some unintended effects. An old high school classmate ...Read More


Over the last half-week Steve Jobs has been eulogized with nostalgia and without. He’s also been medically post-mortumed – which frankly seems like a jerky thing to do, but we do understand. People want to know how this all could ...Read More


It's hard not to like Pinktober. I mean, really, it's so pretty. And pink. And the uniformity of color is so...pleasing. And let's be honest - I love the suggestion of unity the whole thing playacts. It seems - briefly - ...Read More


We were happy to see that Jon Stewart had Sanjay Gupta on THE DAILY SHOW last Wednesday. This whole issue has been a bee in our bonnet since the Zadroga bill passed at the end of last year after an infuriating ...Read More